Our Studio

Tonilab25 srl has built a creative studio that has worked for years with well-known designers and brands around the world, in leather goods, clothing and footwear.

It develops along with them innovative projects, using unique research materials, with unique processes and applications.

Restoration work

Tonilab25 srl, in recent years, has achieved a historical archive that represents the culture and love for the craftsmanship product made over the centuries.

The archive consists of trunks, suitcases, hats, cosmetic bags, travelling and toiletry bags, writing set and rare items, unique and exclusive.
All of these objects have been fully restored in our laboratory with the help of leather artisans who work with us. Today the archive has become a historical document that covers an important era, from the nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century, with highly collectible pieces.

The restoration is done with the utmost care, needed to maintain the product in the charm of the time, all the operations are carefully made by a staff of people that tries to shine the object again but definitely keeping its ”history”.

This passion for the culture of restoration today is also used for repairing bags, secondhand or damaged accessories by the passage of time, over-exposed to sunlight or exposed to inappropriate lights.
Each recovery process of the product or restyling is studied and agreed with the customer and Brand, trying to reach the best result together while keeping intact the specific characteristics of the product so that it can shine like new.